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Across The Pitch

Jul 31, 2020

Phil, Jonny, and Ed look back on the past month of action in the Belarus Premier League including what teams are in good form, which teams good be headed for relegation, a look ahead to Week 20 matches, what political situation could has whether or not the season will be completed in question, and the pick who they...

Jul 25, 2020

Phil, Darren, And Tony sit down to an in depth discussion on the business end of the EFL and the possibility of a salary cap, but halfway through Darren and Tony have surprise in store with a list of questions for Phil from friends of the show and a special edition of rapid fire.

Jul 24, 2020

Phil, Arran, and Matt break down the back to back matches between Phoenix Rising and Orange County, discuss which Casino Arizona Field Food Trucks Guy Fieri should visit if he were to attend a PRFC match, a listener question about tactics, which teams play a style that gives Phoenix the most issues, and more!

Jul 21, 2020

Phil and Arran talk with Chris Cortez about a wild journey that took him from Thailand to Denmark over the past 12 months, but culminated in him lifting a trophy as he helped FC Helsingor to win Denmark's Second Division title. Plus much more in another edition of Where In The World Is Chris Cortez!

Note: This episode...

Jul 19, 2020

Phil, Tony, and Ross speak with Founder and General Manager of USL League 2 side Real Central New Jersey, and host of the USL League 1 Fun podcast Ira Jersey. They discuss the financial concerns of lower league clubs on both sides of the pond, look at the upcoming USL League One season, and how Ira's question to...